ISEAL development started in 2015 and has succeeded in commercializing success as a Topical Tissue Adhesive in the Year 2017. This tissue can be used in cuts, wounds and after minimal surgical procedures.


Gastrocare® can be used as an alternative method in the Gastric Varices conditions when the other drugs like vasopressin, statins and octreotide’s fail to control the bleeding.


The recently developed UNICIRC is a disposable and non-reusable male circumcision instrument that has been designed for safe and effective circumcision. It is a Surgical Assist Instrument (not In-Situ), which is developed in accordance with the WHO Framework of Evaluation of Male Circumcision Devices.

The Company

IBC Pharma is a group of technocrats, engineers, pharmacist & polymer Technologists, Chemical engineers and entrepreneurs who have more than 2 decades of experience in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Marketing. It was founded in 2012 with an idea to innovate Niche Products and its application in mind, primarily based on research, development, production, and marketing of innovative medical devices.

IBC Pharma is accredited with ISO 9001, 23485 and CE marking Certifications (under process)

We are on the verge of developing the application devices for each of the applications and once tested & tried they shall be launched as a kit in the market.

IBC Pharma has aggressive plans for new developments, collaborations, takeovers and mergers to reach the market worldwide.

For you, we are doing continuous research and its aim is to develop innovative surgical medical devices primarily for wound care division.